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Making Your Event the Coolest!

The coldness of ice doesn’t cools down a party. It actually adds a cool vibe into it! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a special occasion or even a charity event, it isn’t just about the food that makes the party alive and going –but more about what is served for dessert! So if you want to make your event the coolest ever, then let us share you the secret!
Let your guests and your entire event attendees indulge into the incomparable taste of Gourmet Italian Ice – the perfect ice dessert treat! After all, frozen dessert is always a hit and it absolutely brings a fun craze. It has been popular ever since, for all ages that is why it is best served for any occasion.
If you love to spend the hot summer days eating frozen dessert. You can beat the summer heat with the delicious Italian Ice. If you have a sweet tooth and loves to try more than just the usual chocolates and cakes, Gourmet Italian Ice is no doubt, a perfect match! When looking for something new, we will greatly satisfy your cravings!

What Makes Us the Must-Have Ice Treat?

What are the things you think of when there’s a part or an event? Perhaps you’ll say food, meeting your friends, and absolute fun times. But you’ll also be wary of the not-so-good thoughts like stress in finding the perfect location, anxiety about sending the invites to the right people, and panic when it comes to deciding for the menu. But you can be at ease and say goodbye to these kinds of worries. You can perfectly chill with our catering solutions and ice treat!
Gourmet Italian Ice believes that desserts make people happy, especially kids. For some, it is even considered as a guilty pleasure due to the sugary content it may have. However we want to let you know the awesome news! You can be carefree as much as you like! We will handle everything for you – exactly as you wish it to be!
For years, we have wanted nothing but to see the smiles of our customers so it has become our mission – not just as the leading name in the Italian Ice industry but more importantly the one who occupies the hearts of many! We want to share the happiness and sweetness in every celebration and that’s how we started our business. We give so much passion with these frozen desserts so we always make sure to create the best ones everyone would love! Each of the flavours is created with the authentic love from Philly tradition which can be enjoyed by people across South Florida.
We don’t simply serve our treats as if randomly picking any flavour we can think of. Everything are passionately crafted to produce exceptional taste expected to the specially catered Italian Ice. Ensuring that we serve only the highest quality crème in an affordable value, there is nothing more you could ask for. All of our ingredients are freshly-picked and of finest quality. We don’t compromise any ingredient to serve the unique flavour experience. Though we have the classic flavours, you can also find some exotic ones included in our huge selection for your frozen treat. Check our list of gourmet flavour and the most sought-after flavours by kids or even adults. More importantly, don’t miss out in tasting our specialty flavours!

We Cater Endless Cups of Happiness to Any Happenings

Indeed, Italian Ice is easier to make than that of ice cream and gelato that needs dairy products and certain processes. Unlike snow cones that uses water as base also, it is made of pure flavourings only. This recipe needs few ingredients to make a delightful frozen dessert. The taste exceeds the expectation – making it an absolute choice for ice treat!
People often ask caterers to serve crepes, ice cream and other typical frozen desserts. Why not add Italian Ice to your menu to make a one sweet party that your friends and family can truly enjoy. We already catered Italian Ice to many parties and events. We deliver exceptional service and frozen desserts that is why we became their number go-to Italian Ice caterer. Every guest is pleased to taste our products and we take pride in bringing the cool factor you want!
We cater for birthday parties, graduation, corporate events, adult parties, family reunions and sports events. We believe that celebrations worth celebrating for should be partnered with the sweetest and best dessert treat everyone will love! It’s healthy and tasty so it’s definitely for grannies, moms and dads, friends and family. Health conscious people also love this dessert because of the real fruits added. We want to prioritize and consider our customers health as well.
So worry no more! If you are think you might be engulfed with the stress of preparing the dessert for the event, we got your back! Leave it to our reliable hands and we can scoop endless fun for all of your friends, families and the entire attendees! So why not let us cater and serve Italian Ice at your upcoming event or party! We’ve got flexible and affordable party and event options for you so give us a call anytime!

If you want to find out more of how to have a successful event, have a delicious and refreshing treat for your guests catered by us! Call Gourmet Italian Ice today and bring in the gift of happiness for every scoop of crème! Plus get excited with our latest flavors like Boo Berry (Blue Berry) Hawaiian Tropical, Reggae Mango, Strawberry Starbust, and Lemonade. You can have the full list of flavors we are catering, by calling us directly or drop us a message and we can give you a sure sweet and frozen treat!

Be a frozen dessert trend-setter in your place! We’ll serve delicious ice treats so you can enjoy the event. So let us handle it with our colorful, healthy and tasty Italian Ice!

What makes us different from our competition:

We are different because we provide a mobile catering service. We bring the flavor to the customers this allows us to serve multiple communities. We provide exotic flavors for all events and for those with mellow mature palates we offer our gourmet ice treats for private parties with bartender service (BYOB). We are strong supporters for charities i.e St Jude, ASPCA, Vitiligo Research, Boys and Girls Club in Fort Lauderdale and many others. At every event we cater we donate 10% of our proceeds to a different charity each month.

  • Boo Berry (Blue Berry)
  • Hawaiian Tropical
  • Reggae Mango
  • Strawberry Starburst
  • Lemonade
  • Watermelon Juicy
  • Coconut Coolada
  • Rocky Rootbeer
  • Red Head Razzberry
  • Banana Boost
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Sour Apple Bomb
  • Candy Cotton

We are now featuring Gourmet Salads & Gourmet Wraps

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