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Spoon-taneously Unbelievable for Spontaneous Events!

What is your most “looked-forward-to” event? Some people often answer it with their birthdates while others say a certain holiday they most loved to enjoy. It is natural to be excited with such special dates because unlike other days in the entire year, it is considered distinct due to memories or the time to bond with the people you hold dear in your hearts – which is your family, friends or partners.
Whether it is a party or an event, we always have an elating feeling. After all, celebrating means you get to enjoy most of the usual things we often consider as our favorite activity to do – singing, dancing, socializing and of course, eating!
However, before we get to indulge the grooving beats of music, lovely talks and delicious dishes, a few not-so-good thoughts will surely bother our minds. Preparing for a particular celebration can be difficult especially when you don’t have a helping hand. Even choosing the dessert will be a daunting task as well. How can you decide for the dessert when there are tons of sweet stuff that can make you confused? Should you settle for the usual cakes? Would other pastries be enough to give a fun vibe? Why not try to chill and serve the unique taste of Gourmet Italian Ice!
Your guest and every event attendees will surely enjoy a spoonful of happiness and experience a fun craze while you also get to chill without worries at all!

Why is it Perfect for All Ages and All Occasions?

No need to frown and have a bitter taste of panic! Let us handle your parties and events that will be guaranteed as the COOLEST THING!
With a variety of flavors, we’ll cater Italian Ice that is filled with fresh fruit ingredients and heaps of frozen treats which complete the refreshing, flavorful and tasty crème moment you’ve been expecting to experience. You can pick your favorite from the classic flavors up to the exotic and unique mixes of taste. So whether it is for your birthday, wedding, graduation, company event or a family reunion, don’t miss the chance of trying out this decadent gelato-like treat like no other!
You don’t have to limit yourself from sweet stuff because unlike the usual ice cream, this doesn’t have too much sugary content so you can be assured of its’ health-approved quality! That is why even you’re not a kid anymore and over 60 already, you can still enjoy a scoop of our catered Italian Ice. After all, it is not just for the enjoyment for kids but for your people who’s a kid at heart too.
We are servicing any celebration so no need to hold back on such occasion. No matter where the venue will be, you can count on us to deliver our frozen tasty treat all across in South Florida. Simply tell us the location and pick the flavors you want – your requests will be granted! You can also try our special offers of “made-to-order flavours” in case there is a taste you want that is not included in our current list of flavors. Plus our courteous staff is passionate in serving not just the finest and authentic Gourmet Italian Ice but delivering smiles to everyone!

Feel free to contact us now to book a schedule for your upcoming party or event. We are here all year round for you!