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Adult Parties

Frozen Treat Trendsetter to Every Adult Party

Party with us! If you are looking for the awesome Adult party ideas, we are the ones you’re looking for! Why? It because we are the trendsetters for every party there is!  We’ve been part of countless parties so we have mastered all there is to know when celebrating special moments or even when you simply wish to have a fun!

You might be thinking that it’s easy to manage a party and choosing the dessert is just a piece of cake, then you are quite mistaken. After all, parties are not just for kids. Since it will be for adults, it doubles up the pressure to make the party a success. So in order to host your upcoming Adult party, let the party masters take the reins! Want to know who the masters and party experts? You are at the right page!

Absolutely the Coolest Party Experience!

We will bring the Italian Ice experience to you! Specializing in our customized party packages, we cater your Adult party and events no matter what size it is– large gatherings or intimate circle!

Over the years, we have always prioritized to provide the sough-after indulgent on delectable Italian Ice, while making sure that everyone gets to feel the magical and luscious sensation brought by this frozen treat.  

Did you know that in order to make a party successful and a totally hit, you need to determine the perfect flavor your guests will love. It is just when choosing a theme for the party. But with us, Gourmet Italian Ice, you wouldn’t have the trouble of choosing the right kind of flavor. Why? It is because each of our flavors contains an absolute scoop of limitless decadence!

With our wide variety of flavors, you can freely choose any of our premium flavors. From classic tastes up to the exciting ones that offer bold and exotic flavors, you can accommodate the desired taste of every guest! The process of our frozen dessert is passionately produced to bring out the smoothness and richness of crème paired up with the freshest fruit ingredients. Each spoonful is guaranteed to be made of pure and delicious taste.

We will take the hassle and stress of planning your party by offering you special deals. We’ll help you stage something different to your party as our unique Italian Ice gives an incomparable cool factor! No matter where you are in South Florida, we are always ready to help so don’t hesitate to give us a call. With our quick response, you can share your party troubles with us. All you have to do is now relax and let us do the work. With our friendly and efficient staffs, your part guests will surely  get to enjoy frozen cravings while having an absolute blast!

Make your adult party relaxing, enjoyable and the coolest with our Italian Ice Catering service. Spoil your guest with exceptional crème experience. Give us a call today and book an appointment!