Barmitzvah - Angel's Philly Gourmet Italian Ice


Authentic Italian Ice for Special Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

When you have reached the age of Bar Mitzvah, it is natural to yearn for a very special celebration. As time immemorial, this Jewish custom has been a joyous occasion for every Jewish boy who has finally turned 13. A Synagogue ceremony is held where families and friends get together to celebrate and welcome the Bar Mitzvah boy to the world of Jewish adulthood. It serves as a mark that he has now all the rights and obligations as a Jewish adult.
After months of preparation until the day the young man can finally stand before the congregation, the success of the ceremony is best concluded with a party! And a party wouldn’t be complete if there’s no a delectable frozen treat perfect for the occasion!
For the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony which is hailed as time-honored rite of passage, Italian Ice is a rewarding frozen dessert everyone can enjoy! Regardless of age, catered Italian ice ousted the sweetness of cakes and the richness of a chocolate bar. With each flavor, a surprise awaits your taste buds. So make your event more unforgettable with this incomparable dessert!

Frozen Treats Like No Other

If you are looking for the perfect dessert best suited for the special occasion, it must not be the usual cakes and other pastry treats. Rather than the common sweet stuff, everyone will surely love to line up and grab a scoop or flavorful cups of Gourmet Italian Ice!
We have started out with our passion to bring smiles to everyone and then over the years, we have been dedicated to serve not just this lovely frozen treat but more importantly spreading the happiness all across South Florida!
We prided ourselves in providing exceptional Italian Ice Catering service wherein you can freely pick any flavor from our wide variety choices without limits. As we value the classic flavors and highlights authentic Italian Ice, we make sure to serve you nothing but the finest quality, rich crème and fresh fruit ingredients. To kick it up a notch, we have also crafted luscious flavors that are not just colorful but with bold and exotic taste as well. You can be excited for each unique flavor combination as we love to play with all the fixings and special add-ons for toppings!
Each of our staff is well-trained to efficiently set up, deliver and serve everyone with friendliness. You can be carefree all-throughout the event as we serve and handle the rest of work - ensuring that everything will go smoothly as you have dreamed it to be! With our customized packages, you can have options to choose from which you consider as perfect fit for the occasion and for your guests. One of our staff will be in touch with you in order to discuss the details of your event and accommodate any of your requests. So never hesitate to let us know your troubles. After all, we are the always ready to make your event the coolest ever!

Have us make you’re Bar Mitzvah extra special. You’ll get to enjoy this milestone to the fullest! Contact us today to book an appointment.