Birthday - Angel's Philly Gourmet Italian Ice


A Great Birthday Surprise You Could Ever Have!

Who doesn’t love to party? We believe that there is no one here on earth who doesn’t know how to have a good time. After all, party is about having the best moments for music, friends and awesome treats to eat!
Though it can be quite hard when coming up some plans but today you can say goodbye to your worries away! It is necessary to ensure that everyone is enjoying the party but more importantly, the birthday celebrant must feel that it is indeed a special day. That is why, we at Gourmet Italian Ice will help you by granting your birthday dream! No need for a genie or a fairy godmother to ask for your wishes to come true, because we got the greatest surprise for your kids and even for the adults present at the party. We’ll do all the planning and tiresome work while you can have a stress-free birthday moments!
We know how you want it to be unique so instead of just having a birthday cake and lovely mini cupcakes on the side, why not adding some tasty frozen treats? Kids do love shaved ice and gelato but Italian Ice takes it up a notch by adding a cool factor to your celebration.

It’s A Complete Fun Party Package!

There are countless of birthday plans that can confuse you when picking the best one. However, if you’re looking for the greatest party idea that will surely make it a fun-filled event, then we got the most exciting birthday package you never thought could be possible!
We want you to have the COOLEST BIRTHDAY PARTY in the block so we make sure that everything will be absolutely perfect as you’ve dreamed it to be through our unparalleled Italian Ice catering service. All you need to do is share us what you want, let us know every little thing you wish to have and we’ll deliver it no matter what. It has been our prime mission to bring pure happiness in every birthday celebration regardless of the location it may be across South Florida. We are just one call away!
Our special birthday package includes unlimited choices with flavors you want. You can freely pick a flavor you want best or have our entire variety of flavors to truly savor the incomparable taste of Gourmet Italian Ice. We offer classic flavors and spontaneous flavors that are so bold you might have second thoughts of trying but don’t let yourself have any regrets – have a taste and we 100% guarantee that you’ll love it!

Made with real fruit juice that offers refreshing taste and paired up with delicious bold flavours, you and your party friends will surely have a flavorful experience! We’ll provide everything – from cups, spoons, friendly staffs that’ll always be ready to help and the fun vibe that will undeniably bring life to the party. Custom party package for small groups and big groups are available and rates may vary depending on the number of your flavor choices. But there is no need to fret on complicated deals because we’ll make it simple and stress-free.
So let us be part of your party plans and we’ll definitely make sure to give your kids the happiest memory they’ll forever remember! Contact us today to book an appointment. We would love to hear from you and start planning on the best crème experience for catered Italian Ice!