Family Reunion - Angel's Philly Gourmet Italian Ice

Family Reunion

Bringing the Whole Family Together

One of the greatest things in life is having a family because it makes you feel how incredible to be loved and to love special people who are incomparably dear to your heart. Besides, love is best shared with your family first. So spending some bonding time with siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents can be considered as a treasured moment. It becomes even more precious if your family is living quite far away from your other extended family.
But it isn’t easy to plan a Family Reunion because there are factors you have to consider. If you are the master planner, you would have to check everyone’s schedule to make sure that there is a definite date convenient for them. Next, you have to think about the ideal location wherein you can hold the party. It can be particularly painful when you can’t find the perfect venue that offers enough space for your relatively large family. Lastly, you will have to think of the catering menu. But let us help you by crossing out one of the things you have to worry – we know the perfect dessert for the entire family!
No need to be burdened with making the dessert, transporting them and setting up the sweet booth. We can make it, bring it and set it up for you! With us, the Gourmet Italian Ice, everyone can enjoy creamy, healthy and flavorful Italian Ice experience. After all, we are the South Florida’s #1 Italian Ice Catering Service!

Making the Family Reunion An Absolutely Cool Hit!

You’ll be amazed on how it is easy to bring on the dessert that will surely be enjoyed by the whole family! Kids without a doubt will love Italian Ice but if you are worried with the adults’ take on this dessert, there is actually no need to fret. This frozen treat is delicious, healthy and surprisingly goes well with the adults’ taste – even the grandparents will absolutely love it!
Want us to come over? We are just one call away. No matter where you are, we deliver tasty frozen treats all across South Florida. For years, we have been scooping catered Italian Ice that has been sprinkled with love and happy vibe to everyone. We’ll bring everything you need so you can live your life to the coolest!
Guaranteed as the most sough-after dessert that will make you taste heavenly sweetness, perfect layering of crème, certified rich and available for a wide variety of delicious flavors. You can choose classics to bring out the nostalgic sensation for your parents and other adults in the family back to the old days when they were young. Or you can let them try exciting bold and exotic flavors!
Our catering options are categorized depending on the number of flavors you want and the size of the family you want to be served. Each of our staff is well-trained to deliver satisfactory results because we are always ready to help you make the reunion a success!

So, if you want to let your whole family enjoy more than the usual ice cream treat, we can show them what the ultimate ice dessert is! Contact us to book an appointment today.