Graduation - Angel's Philly Gourmet Italian Ice


Getting the Coolest Reward for your Success!

Congratulations on your Graduation day! We salute your perseverance and hard work! We know how difficult it is to manage time when you’re in school or in university. Usually, time seems to fly so fast when you are busy hitting the books in order to get a high grade on your quizzes and exams. Though there are days that you get tired from being too serious. It is natural to feel exhausted from always putting your thinking cap on that you simply want to hang-out with your friends, classmates and roomies instead. It’s alright to do so, because it is necessary to balance things in your student life. However, all of those efforts are for one goal – to finally graduate at the end of the semester!
Whether you graduated with flying colors or not, you rightfully deserve a reward and we know the best thing you’ll surely love! It is by having an awesome Graduation Party with a great ice treat that will suit everyone’s taste!

We Are the #1 Reliable Fun-Bringer to Graduation Party!

As a congratulatory gift, Gourmet Italian Ice offers you the perfect way to bring out the fun vibe and unique experience of Italian Ice catering service!
Surely you have heard how Italian Ice is considered as a “must-have” dessert because it goes well to any occasion and your Graduation is no exception. Cakes and other pastries are good choices for desserts but nothing compares to the cool and refreshing effect of this frozen treat. Since you deserve nothing but the best, our Italian Ice package deals are exceptionally crafted just for the special occasion – your Graduation Party! So let us handle all your worries when choosing the best dessert to be served for your guests. It is as easy as ABC!
Indulge in our unmatched frozen delicacy that is made of finest quality ingredients and fresh fruit juices. Each flavor offers silky smooth, creamiest and unique taste of a crème sophistication. Available in classic flavors up to the boldest and exotic flavor you can think of – we have it all for you! We will help you in every step of the party planning starting from giving you absolute free reign in choosing the flavors you want up to the actual day of serving the treat to your guests. From cups, spoons, napkins and heaps of celebratory feeling, all of these are included to our catered Italian Ice service.
We love to work and talk with our customers closely so you can spill your wishes and we’ll be happy to make them happen! We’ll roll in and set up everything so you wouldn’t have to be troubled anymore. We can serve you anywhere you are at South Florida. Be carefree and enjoy the party as you eat delicious and healthy Italian Ice while listening to some tunes. Don’t forget to add your graduation in the playlist!

Let us help you make a lasting impression on this important milestone! Contact us today to book an appointment and we can start planning!