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Sports Events

Beating the Heat and Your Dessert Worries!

School fair might be fun but nothing can beat the awesomeness of Sports events! But did you know what makes the event more euphoric? It is when you have the dessert that perfectly goes well while watching the games!
Whenever there is a sporting event, many people are expected to come. Fans who love to watch the games or individuals who would like to support their favorite athletes often experience similar problem. It is about finding the dessert that can ease the heat while they roam around cheering for every sport. But, as of today, you can beat all your worries through our help, the top choice for frozen treat – Gourmet Italian Ice Catering Service!
Our delectable frozen treats will make you feel cool and energized even against the bursting heat of the sun so you keep on enjoying the event! And to top it off, there’s enough for everyone!

What Makes Us the Winning Ice Treat?

Serving unmatched deliciousness and healthier frozen dessert is what sets us apart from other Italian Ice catering. We make sure that you’ll receive only the best crème experience with our customized packages and special deals that deliver 100% guaranteed satisfactory results wherein everyone gets to show nothing but big smiles!
Over the years, we have been dedicated with our mission to be the “fun-bringer” for any celebration or event; and sports event are no exception to it. Using only the finest ingredients and the freshest real fruit juices, we have created a wide variety of unique flavors. You can choose from the classics up to the boldest and exotic flavors. It is not the usual shaved iced or ice cream because we have crafted a distinctive recipe and sophisticated churning process that makes it silky smooth and creamier. Once you take the first spoonful, you’ll surely ask for another helping because you can’t get enough of it. After all, we have the perfect flavor for everyone’s taste!
Not only our catered Italian Ice delicious but so as our way of service. Each of our staff is well-trained to deliver exceptional service to the event. They are all friendly and always ready to be of assistance. You won’t need to worry a single thing because from cups, spoons, napkins and other materials essential for the set-up will be provided as well as the cleaning after the event ends.
Simply let us know when, where and the size of the people needed to be served and we can efficiently handle the rest! Never hesitate to send us a request and we can give you a quote. We are available 24/7 and with our quick response, one of our staff will be in touch with you anytime you need us. So you’ll have the best time of playing and enjoying the Sports event!

Let us add extra fun and cool factor in your Sports event by turning it into an awesome Italian Ice extravaganza! Give us a call today and book an appointment.